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The Malaise House

The Malaise House RP
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the malaise house
Welcome to malaise_house! This is a LiveJournal Roleplay community. We're multi-fandom, but restricted only to Kingdom Hearts characters and Final Fantasy VII characters meaning we're now open to all fandoms. Everything is strictly Alternate Universe, set in a halfway house full of people with mental disorders. It's up to you whether to be a patient or work at the facility. If you're interested, read on! Our applications post is below.
the building
The Malaise House is a magnificent brick building. Over 150 years old, the exterior looks eerie upon first glance. A tall, brick fence surrounds the premises makes it even more eerie, as you cannot see any of the building except the roof unless you look through the heavily chained metal gate; the only way out of this building.
Even more eerie, to some, is the inside. The building is home to as many as 200 mental patients at any time. It's rare to see anybody go in, but even more rare to see anybody exit - alive. Many people have commited suicide in this building, some people have even committed murder or even homicide. Employees work 24/7, and often live in the building themselves, to keep everybody safe - but many mental patients are entirely unpredictable.
The located in a remote area of Russia, in a small town with few people. Few know of it's actual location, aside from residents of the town, the patients living at Malaise House, and the few family members who care about them.

Click here for a brief list of what the premises have to offer!
Patients at Malaise House have a strict daily schedule which they must follow. It sends the patient through various therapy groups, food times, private therapist check-ups, and many extra-curricular activities such as gym, swimming and art class. The staff at Malaise House work hard to make sure that each patient's stay at the hospital is comfortable and keeps the patient occupied.

The daily schedule is always posted on the white board.
All patients have room assignments. Rooms in the Malaise house are very spacious, and contain four bunk beds, meaning eight patients per room. Different sexes are roomed differently, and there are no co-ed rooms. The doors on each room has no lock, and there are cameras watching each room 24/7. An employee checks each room every 15 minutes during the night to ensure the safety of all patients.

If you are looking for someone, please check the rooming assignments.
disorder information
Here at Malaise House, we try to improve our world by encouraging acceptance of people who suffer from various disorders. We offer a short list of common disorders with a little bit of information on each.

If you're interested, click here.
If you're interested in our roleplay, and interested in playing a character, we'd be delighted to have you play a character. There is now a limit to three characters for each person.

First, check the taken characters list to make sure that your character is available.

Then go ahead and make an application!
diagnosis/job application
Welcome! For the safety of our patients, staff, and yourself we need to process you immediately.

If you're here for a job application, please go to the headmaster's office.

If you need treatment, please head over to the doctor's office for a diagnosis.
Name: Brisa
E-mail: ZelGreywers@aol.com
AIM: Razchtavf
MSN: ZelGreywers@aol.com
Characters: Axel

Name: Sorrie
E-mail: destiinybound@aol.com
AIM: destiiny bound
Characters: Sora, Kadaj

Name: Zexy
E-mail: rapidcombustion@hotmail.com
AIM: rapidlycombustin
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Characters: Zexion, Xigbar, Daisuke, William Turner
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